Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Fairy Tale is Born

My first cookbook was published in 1980, launching an exciting career in the world of food. I taught cooking classes and traveled all over as a featured speaker and guest on radio and TV shows. I even appeared on the Regis Philbin show. (That’s really my biggest claim to fame.) The result was a total of seven successful cookbooks and a totally burned-out author. So, I decided it was time to slow down and enjoy the wonderful time of life I fondly refer to as “grandmotherhood”.

All was peaceful, until three years ago…

My new career started on an ordinary day, in an ordinary way. I was simply brushing my twin granddaughters’ hair. One of the girls was distressed about the mass of knots and tangles in her beautiful, but very curly tresses. I found myself doing something that having ten grandchildren has taught me to do well - making up stories to divert the girls’ attention. I told the twins about a tiny fairy who flies into children’s rooms at night and delights in tangling their hair. It worked! No more tears and no more tangles. Later that day the girls and I sat down together, wrote the entire story and decided to call it The Knot Fairy. I never imagined that this was the beginning of a new and very exciting adventure. The adventure actually catapulted into a career a few days later when I innocently said to the girls, “Why don’t we turn this story into a book?” Oops, that just slipped out. I didn’t mean to say it. Now what? I couldn’t back out. I could never disappoint my grandkids. And so, a fairy tale was born.

Anyway, this seemed like the perfect time to re-invent my career. My bachelor’s degree in education and my minor in children’s literature were calling to me to re-enter the book world. As I fast-forward to today, three years later, and only one year after the release of The Knot Fairy, I am happy to report that the book has been the recipient of two children’s book awards and a selection on the esteemed BookSense Childrens’ Pick List. In addition, the book is now a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards. It seems that the mystery of tangled hair is a popular dilemma that crosses all ages and ethnic boundaries.

Now, in keeping with my theme of explaining some of the deeper mysteries of life, I am pleased to announce that my second book., The Sock Fairy will be arriving this Spring. Yes, everyone has been visited by this mischievous little sprite. He’s the one (yes, a little boy fairy) who is responsible for missing socks, mismatched socks, and the occasional hole in the toe.

So, just remember - when life’s little mysteries have you baffled – who better to blame it on than a fairy?


Morgan Mandel said...

So now I know who the culprit is. Where does he hide those missing socks?

Morgan Mandel

Fairy Lady said...

Hi Morgan. That's a great question - one that is pondered all over the world every day. To find the answer you have to read the book. The magic is revealed on the very last page!

Fairy wishes,
Bobbie Hinman

Anonymous said...

I've read it! I know! I know!

Welcome to Blogland Bobbie.

Karen Syed