Monday, May 18, 2009

Children Think You Are OLD!

If you've ever asked a child how old he or she thinks you are, you may have been shocked. To children of any age, any adult is ancient. To kids, people are either old or young - nothing in between. We're in the same category as covered wagons, radios, or even dinosaurs. When my husband (a school principal) was in his fifties, he made the dreaded mistake. He asked a group of middle school children how old they thought he was. Only one thought he knew the answer immediately. His serious answer was "Eighty-four!" I recently showed my new book cover (pictured above) to a group of kindergarten children. One surprised little boy immediately shouted "Hey! She looks just like you!"

Be smart. Just don't ask!

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Donna J. Shepherd said...

LOL! So true - not that she looks like you, but that kids have no gauge when it comes to age. (See? More rhyming. :)