Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What’s Really in a Screen Name?

Remember when you went through a stage where you didn’t like your name? Did you think your name was too girlie, too masculine, too old-fashioned, or just plain weird? Most of the people I asked said they’ve been there.

I for one have never liked my name. I always thought “Barbara” was too common and ordinary. What’s more, I couldn’t identify with the name. I never felt like a “Barbara.” From the time I was 4 or 5 years old, I insisted that people call me Bobbie instead. I’ve known a number of people who evade their name by suing their middle name, and still others who go by their initials.

Enter the screen name. What a great idea. Now you can be known as anything you like. I was recently sifting through my mailing list and wondered - Is jaguargirl a car fanatic or a catlike person? Is jonwonkonobie a Star Wars fan? Does the name karatemama tell you anything? Is ethel clinging to the past? Is directordan (who I know is not a real director) just want us to think he’s in charge? And what about gamecock? (I’m almost afraid to guess.) And hedgehogsdilemma? And dogears?

Whatever the reason, whatever the name, I think it’s great that we can now be known by any name we choose!

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