Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What do you think of e-books?

OK. I’ll admit that I am a creature from another generation. I grew up in an era when most neighborhoods had a library and reading was a popular pastime. My love of books led me down the path to writing children’s books. Now there’s a new creation – ebooks. Not worn, well- used books, lovingly handled by numerous children, edges worn, corners folded. Now books can be downloaded (Or is it uploaded? I get them confused.) onto computers and other fancy electronic gadgets. So, I’m faced with a big decision - to ebook or not to ebook. Will children read picture books on a computer screen? Will parents sit in front of a computer and read fairy books to their children? Is the cost the biggest issue here? Is it a matter of ease and immediate availability? Will kids be happy curling up with a good computer? Can you fall asleep with a nice laptop on your chest? Please help me here. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I love eBooks. I have a Palm T/X and can read eBooks in two different formats on it. I have read authors who I might not have found were it not for eBooks.