Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where is the "Real" World of Fairies?

Where is the “real” land of fairies?

Have you ever wondered where fairies really live? Before delving into this mystery, you must close your eyes, cross your fingers, turn around in a circle three times, clap your hands twice and then say “I believe.”

First, let’s clear up some misunderstandings about the spelling of “fairy.” There are actually a number of acceptable spellings: fairy, faerie, faery, fayre. The world of fairies is often referred to as the world of fey , denoting a world of the mysterious and supernatural. However you spell it, the myths and mysteries about fairies are many. However only one thing remains clear – that nothing is clear! Mysteries are everyday happenings in the fairy world. Anything is possible.

Fairy legends are centuries old and have been passed down from generation to generation, varying according to the country of origin. There are scores of fairy tales from the British Isles, Australia, Iceland and the Scandinavian countries. Some early legends tell us that fairies are the souls of unbaptized children. Some say that fairies are the children of Eve, while others say that they are fallen angels, lying somewhere between humans and angels. Still others think that fairies are simply the spirits of nature, children of Mother Nature. In some stories fairies are good, while in others they are clearly evil. In most they are somewhere in the middle – a bit mischievous, even downright tricky. Because of this, most believers agree that it is not wise to try to fool a fairy. Always be polite and treat all fairies with respect.

Through the ages, fairies have been blamed for all kinds of problems – from missing treasures to missing socks. I personally believe that the Tooth Fairy is alive and well and that there IS a fairy that tangles your hair while you sleep (The Knot Fairy) and there IS a real Sock Fairy. And when it comes to belly buttons, the fairies are in on that, too.

Where do fairies live? It is believed that some fairies live in gardens, some on mountaintops, and others in rivers and lakes. Many legends tell of the fairies that inhabit our homes. There are even a few that are known to live in Disney World. So, is Fairlyland just over the rainbow or is it inside the earth, just below our feet? Is it real or does it exist simply in our minds and hearts?

Only the fairies know for sure and they’re not telling!

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