Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where IS That Missing Sock?

Missing socks are everywhere. Or nowhere! We can never seem to find the mates to socks after we do the laundry. (Even if we find the mate, there’s no way to guarantee that some of our socks won’t then disappear from our dresser drawers.) Yet, with all of these awol socks, why do we find extra socks in some of the most unlikely places? Have you ever wondered why one sock may appear in the middle of a busy street? (Often we see one shoe; however that’s a tale for another day.) If you clean your room, your office, or even your car, chances are you will find at least one lone sock.

What’s the best way to locate a missing sock? Throw it away. The lost one will then surely appear! Sometimes, of course, the socks are not really lost. They are simply and magically attached to your sweater sleeve, waiting to be discovered by a chuckling office worker.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you some uses for those lone socks since I’ve been studying this mystery for a long time. Don’t just throw single socks away. Use a lone sock to make a sock monkey or toy for your dog. How about a dusting cloth or a one-of-a-kind ipod case? Ear warmers for your basset hound? You can even fill a sock with frozen peas to make an ice pack or fill a sock with catnip for your kitty or house a (very) small coin collection.

Now for the answer to this dilemma. I have done a huge favor for society. I offer to you the real, honest-to-goodness, factual, bona fide, genuine answer to the mystery of missing socks. It’s the Sock Fairy, of course! So, what does he do with them? Where do they go? Just read my new book and then you will know!

Some questions to ponder:
If the sock fairy wants two socks, why does he take two different socks, rather than a matching pair?
Why does he always take the left sock?
Learn more about The Sock Fairy (and his friends) at


The Mother said...

In my house, socks are aliens that are trying to get back to the mother ship--one at a time!

Anonymous said...

This is very clever!!!

You missed my favorite place to find them, clinging to the inside of the pants leg of the pants I happen to be wearing.


Morgan Mandel said...

I don't dare make a toy out of socks for my dog or she'll go after all the socks in the house!

Sounds like a cute book.

Morgan Mandel

Katie Hines said...

Very cute. I KNEW there was a reason for those missing socks.

Charlotte Phillips, Co-Author of The Eva Baum Detective Series said...

So why doesn't the sock fairy leave a coin like the tooth fairy?

Helen Ginger said...

The sock fairy takes the left sock because you left it for him to find and it wouldn't be right to take the right sock.

Helen Ginger