Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why Can't I Leave Well Enough Alone?

Are you like me? Do you have to change everything? Why can’t I leave things the way they are?

I can’t buy a dress off the rack without wishing it had a different belt or collar. I have even purchased two outfits together because I liked part of one and a different part of the other. If I see a piece of jewelry I like, it always has the wrong color stone. When I buy a purse, I usually can’t help wishing that the handle was more like another purse – the one that I didn’t buy because the color was not quite right. When I’m looking for a new haircut, I always desire the front of one and the back of another. I wish our new van had been available with a different color interior. Choosing new carpeting for our house was made more difficult because I liked the colors from one company and the texture from a different one. This is the story of my life.

Eating out is one of my biggest challenges. I can’t seem to ever order from a menu without sounding exactly like Meg Ryan in the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” Yesterday my husband and I had lunch in a nice restaurant. A smiling waitress took my order, but she wasn’t smiling for long. I noticed that her expression was slowly changing into a fixed, teeth-gritting kind of look. I don’t think it was my imagination that she was looking at me as if I were speaking a strange language. Just because I ordered a sandwich with a different filling, different bread and different sauce than the one on the menu? I think it might have been after I asked to have the salad made with romaine lettuce instead of iceberg, feta cheese in place of the bleu cheese, the dressing on the side and no bacon or croutons, that she started looking like she was about to laugh (or maybe cry).

I turned to my husband (who is never surprised by anything I do) and asked him if he thinks I am a perfectionist. All he could do was smile.

Hmmm… Am I a perfectionist or simply a creative genius?

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Katie Hines said...

Well, perhaps you're a bit of both - LOL!

©DGreer said...

You're just creative, Bobbie. But perhaps channeling these tendencies in a more productive direction would help the cookie cutter areas of your life endure. If you know what I mean... ;)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should frequent salad bars instead, or restaurants where you can build your own meal?

At least you make a memorable customer!

Cyn Narcisi said...

I'm with you about haircuts! A little bit o' this, a little bit o' that please! Well, you know how to keep things (and people, including yourself) on your toes and that's never a bad thing! I bet you're a natural leader:)

Harlem's A Hatin said...

I am just like you! I think I embarrass my friends when we go out to eat, I always change the food I order. My philosophy is if I am paying for it, then I want it to suit my cravings perfectly!

Check out my blog, I'm new to this whole world and it's my new addiction!

The Crap Blog Detective said...

The balloon in your blog casts quite a similarity to a nakef man bending over. There is a small child smiling below.

I am no expert on symbolism, but I will be keeping a close eye on this rather disturbing blog.