Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Rant About Celebrities Who Write Children's Books

What do Kathie Lee Gifford, Madonna and the Queen of Jordan have in common?

Give up? They are "authors". Notice the quotation marks? That's because it's hard to categorize them as "real" authors. I am really tired of celebrities getting book deals to write children’s books when there are so many talented, "real" writers out there waiting to be discovered. I find it hard to believe that the celebrity's books are not written by ghostwriters anyway.

And, is it fair that the public libraries use our tax dollars to buy inferior books by Madonna and other pseudo writers? I would rather expose my children to the work of conscientious authors who take their writing seriously. I'm waiting for The Paris Hilton series. That's going to be my favorite. I can’t wait until the main character gets her first hangover, her first rehab stint, and, of course, her first reality TV show. I wonder how many of Have these celebrities always dreamed of writing a book? How many have taken writing courses? Or slaved over their manuscripts, only to be turned away by agents and publishers because their names were not already recognizable?

Here's the list that makes me cringe: Peter Yarrow, Holly Robinson Peete, Henry Winkler, Bernadette Peters, Tim McGraw, Whoopi Goldberg, Judy Collins, Julie Andrews, Jamie Lee Curtis, Carl Reiner, Payton Manning, Julianne Moore, Brooke Shields, Sarah Ferguson, Jerry Seinfeld, John Travolta, Gloria Estefan, Dionne Warwick, Ray Romano, Billy Crystal and Joy Behar - to mention a few!

It’s sad that there are many aspiring authors who can actually write and will never be given the opportunities because they have never acted in a sitcom or performed at a comedy club. I would give up my favorite pen, my laptop and even my new blue fairy wings to be a guest on Ellen's show or Oprah's. But, I guess no one ever said life was fair.

Bobbie Hinman


Helen Ginger said...

Well, I agree with you on the celebrity books. Unfortunately, they bring in sales and that's why they keep getting signed. Grr.

One good thing about not being able to get cable is that we don't have to see all the dorky reality shows.

Christine said...

I totally agree with you about celebrity books. Like those people need the money anyway. Why not give an opportunity to those who are trying their best to create a viable book instead of some overpaid celebrity?

Unknown said...

I was told a very long time ago that your name is the most important thing you own. Obviously in the realm of Celebrity Children's Books, their name is the most important thing they contribute.

If the celebrities want money for their name, they could easily mix a new Starbucks flavor. They could make much more money daily from a Paris Hilton Tall no foam, no whip, Latte, than a children's book!

This would allow the talented people an opportunity to drink a celebrity drink while writing the next great manuscript. We all have a story. If we took out the celebrities, the business would still be tough. So through adversity comes true talent!

If you want to spin this your way, you could write a sit come about the crazy life of Mark, Harry, and the Fairy! It could be reality TV about your publishing life since your first book!

Fairy Lady said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad others agree with me. Yes, it's all about the bottom line.

Fairy Lady said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad others agree with me. Yes, it's all about the bottom line.

Fairy Lady said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad others agree with me. Yes, it's all about the bottom line.