Friday, February 6, 2009

Business Cards For Kids? What if Your Clients Are Children?

As an author of children’s books, I am always looking for eye-catching promotions. We all know that business cards are a traditional tool that can be used to promote most businesses. Cards are attention getters. They let people know who you are and what you have to offer. Giving out business cards is crucial to marketing your skills or services. But, what if many of your clients are children? Why not have a special card to give to children so they will be reminded of you?

I have found that colorful postcards, like the one pictured above, work well as business cards for this purpose. I hand them out to children that I meet at schools, libraries, book fairs and the grocery store. Yes, the grocery store. I carry the cards wherever I go. I have always been the type to strike up a conversation with people I meet in the grocery line or at nearby tables in restaurants. Now I introduce myself to the parents and make sure each child I meet goes home clutching a colorful fairy postcard. Many parents have thanked me for providing this diversion for fussy children.

Here are some of my marketing tips for my “Cards for Kids” program:

•Make sure the cards are colorful and attractive.

•Be sure to include your name, website and other contact information on the card, as well as the ISBN numbers of your books.

•Insert a card inside every book you sell.

•Be generous. Hand out lots of cards.

•Never leave home without them. Always have extras in your car.

•Maximize every "per chance" meeting.

•Print a special discount offer or coupon on the back.

•Use them as bookmarks so you'll always have them readily available if you meet someone at school, at a book club or in the gym.

•Have your spouse, family, and friends carry your cards to give to people they meet.

There are a number of online companies that offer great prices on cards. I have been very happy with the quality and service from You can do a lot of marketing for your money if you use the cards wisely and abundantly. Short of renting a helicopter and dropping books from the air, this is a great way to spread the word.


Regan Black said...

Great Suggestions!

Too bad vistaprint doesn't offer the airdrop upgrade. They're missing an opportunity!


Adila said...

Yes, That was a good suggestion. Business cards are more important for business people. I too have recently designed my business card for my business.

Allene said...

Thats a funny thought. It would be nice if the clients would be children to use the Business cards. So designing colorful cards would be fine.