Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Designing The Book Cover - A Major Hurdle Completed!

Today I can relax. Maybe drink a glass of wine. A big hurdle in creating my new children's picture book is complete. Well, sort of. Let's just say that the idea is complete. I now have to convey the scene in my head to my talented, mind-reading illustrator.

After obsessing for weeks over exactly what should appear on the cover, the fragmented ideas floating in my head have finally come together. I've said in previous blogs that it works well for the main character in a picture book to be introduced first on the cover. OK, that was the easy part. The hard part, after deciding exactly what he looks like, was deciding what he would be doing. He can't just stand there. Nope. This little guy will actually be doing something not usually seen on book covers. Hmmm... And, after much deliberation, I decided what he will be wearing - nothing! Hmmm...

Now, of course I can't tell you what the cover looks like just yet. And, I won't even share the title with you for a while. What I will share are the steps that we go through as this new book takes on a life of its own. Here we go again...

Bobbie Hinman

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Morgan Mandel said...

I'm in the final stages of getting a book cover together for Killer Career. I had lots to learn, but so far am happy with what's happening.

Morgan Mandel