Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Funeral For a Mouse?

Little did I know when I offered to help my granddaughters search for a missing item in their garage today, that I would be dealing with a life lesson. A poor, lifeless little mouse was found buried under a pile of "stuff". We couldn't just toss the little guy into the trash. So we did what might only be done by a vegetarian grandmother. We gave him a name (Edward) and we gave him a funeral. Ten minutes, a tiny hole in the ground and a simple "Goodbye Edward". The lesson of the day - No life is less valuable than any other.

Bobbie Hinman

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Unknown said...

my family went through a real pet-mouse craze. at one time, we had about 15 mice in various stages of life living in our playroom. inevitably, each mouse would die and we would "plant" them in our garden, each in a tiny little coffin. yes, every life is precious!